Felicia Curcuru
Chief Executive Officer
Felicia Curcuru is the CEO of Binti. Felicia was first introduced to the world of…More »

Gabe Kopley
Chief Technology Officer
Gabe wants to give every child the best opportunities and every foster care…More »


Karri Biehle
Account Executive
Karri Biehle MSW, CPCC is an Account Executive at Binti. Karri has advocated on…More »

Kristin Atwood
Account Executive
Prior to Binti, Kristin spent several years working for San Francisco County as a…More »

Business Operations

Aime Ochoa
Technical Account Executive
Aime is devoted to providing a friendly user experience and smooth process for…More »

Andres Galvez
Customer Support Associate
Andres is excited to work with a team of dedicated individuals who share Binti’s…More »

Ashley McCullough
Account Manager
Ashley McCullough, MPA is an Account Manager at Binti. Prior to joining Binti…More »

Heather McKernan
Customer Support Associate
Heather is thrilled to be able to represent Binti from Cincinnati, Ohio. Heather has…More »

Kraven Youngs
Customer Support Associate
With over 11 years experience in customer support and a few years as Manager of…More »

Jerry Loyd
Technical Account Manager
Jerry Loyd is the Technical Account Executive at Binti. Jerry is a Bay Area native…More »

Lucelle Bleza
Research assistant – Contractor
Lucelle helps with various research and administrative projects at Binti. She…More »

Marielle Mahiya
Executive Assistant
Marielle is the Executive Assistant to Binti’s CEO, Felicia Curcuru. Having worked…More »

Tara Lain
Head of Account Management
Tara is Head of Account Management. She has dedicated over 17 years to…More »

Tiffany Whiteley
Head of Customer Support
Tiffany is Head of Customer Support at Binti. A former foster youth herself, she…More »

Victoria Danby
Account Manager
Victoria is an Account Manager at Binti and supports our clients in driving towards…More »

Design and Engineering

Allison Lacker
Software Engineer
Allison is a full stack engineer who is passionate about both usability and data. She…More »

Anchit Desai
Software Engineer
Anchit is a software engineer at Binti. He is enjoying being part of an amazing…More »

Dominic Young
Software Engineer – Intern
Dominic is a senior at UT Arlington studying Computer Science. He had…More »

Emil Ong
Software Engineer
Emils a software engineer who has been writing code for over 20 years. He has an…More »

Jiwon Min
Software Engineer
Jiwon is a software engineer at Binti. She is excited by Binti’s mission of helping…More »

Joanna Ellis
Joanna Ellis is Co-Founder and Creative Director at Belmondo Studios, an agency…More »

Joseph Bayogo
Front-End Developer – Contractor
Joseph (also known as Otep) is a front-end developer contractor at Binti. He cares…More »

Tina Parija
Software Engineer
Tina is interested in building technology for social improvement. She…More »


Joan Heifetz Hollinger
Joan Heifetz Hollinger is an Advisor to Binti. Joan is a leading American scholar on…More »

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