Thinking about adopting from Hungary can be both exciting and overwhelming, but this how-to guide will give you the information you need to learn about Hungarian adoption requirements.

Who can pursue Hungary adoption?

Prerequisite:  Prospective parents interested in adopting from Hungary must first be found eligible to adopt by the U.S. Government. (This is a Hague Adoption Convention requirement.) You must complete a home study in your state to be approved.

Hungarian adoption requirements

Residency Hungarian adoption has no residency requirements.
Age To be eligible for a Hungarian adoption, prospective adoptive parents must be at least 16 years older than their adoptive child, but no more than 45 years older.
Marriage A single person is eligible for a Hungary adoption. However, Hungarian authorities strongly believe that a child should be raised by a heterosexual and married couple.
Family Size Hungary adoption has no restrictions regarding family size.
Income There are no income requirements for a Hungarian adoption. However, proof of income is required.
Education Hungary adoption has no restrictions regarding education.
Health Hungary adoption requires a psychological evaluation.
Criminal Hungary adoption has no restrictions regarding a criminal background.
Other Hungarian adoption laws require both parents to meet the child before the adoption.


How to Adopt: the Hungary Adoption Process

Adopting from Hungary follows the Hague Adoption Convention’s guidelines. While the Hungary adoption requirements may seem daunting, know that your Hungary adoption service provider will help you step-by-step throughout the way. Here is a broad overview of what will happen throughout your Hungarian adoption process:

  • You will need to choose a Hungary adoption service provider to do your home study in your home state, as well as one to help you with the child placement. Sometimes one agency can do both.
  • Binti can help you get started with your home study documents and has accredited home study provider partners who can conduct the home study locally in your state. Through Binti, you can fill out all of your home study application online so you can complete it as quickly as possible. Request a free phone consultation with Binti to get started.
  • After you choose an accredited or approved adoption service provider, you must apply to be found suitable and eligible to adopt by the responsible U.S. government agency, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), by submitting Form I-800A.
  • Once USCIS determines that you are “eligible” and “suited” to adopt by approving the Form I-800A, your adoption service provider will provide your approval notice, home study, and any other required information to the Ministry of Human Resources as part of your Hungary adoption dossier. Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources will review your application to determine whether you are also eligible to adopt under Hungarian law.
  • Once you have met the requirements and are found eligible to adopt the Ministry of Human Resources in Hungary will provide you with a referral for a child.
  • If you accept the referral, the adoption service provider communicates that to the Ministry of Human Resources in Hungary.
  • Hungary Adoption requires that the following documents be submitted in the original dossier:
    • Home study
    • Proof of income
    • Psychological report showing suitability of the parents to adopt
    • Home country’s advanced permission to the adoption
    • Proof of citizenship (photocopy of the passport)
    • Statement of the adoptive parents regarding their motivation for adoption, and expectations about the child (child’s sex, age, health)
    • Accreditation of the adoption agency
    • Photos of the adoptive parents, of their home, other children or other important elements of their life
  • After meeting with the child, the custody of the child is granted to the adoptive parents. The Local Guardianship Authority issues an official Custody Decree that places the child with the adoptive parents for 30 days. Hungary adoption requires that the child live with the adoptive parents in Hungary for 30 days with regular visits from local child protection services. Once this month is complete, the Hungarian adoption is finalized.
  • You will need to obtain a birth certificate for your child. In order to obtain a new birth certificate for the adopted child, the adoptive parents need to present the final adoption decree issued by local authorities. The new birth certificate indicates the adoptive parents’ names, and it is issued within one or two working days.
  • Your child is not yet a U.S. citizen, so he/she will need a travel document or passport from Hungary. Passports in Hungary are issued by the Hungarian Passport Office. In order to obtain a new passport for the adopted child, the adoptive parents need to present the final adoption decree issued by local authorities.
  • After you obtain the new birth certificate and passport for your child, you also need to finalize your application for a U.S. visa for your child from the U.S. Embassy Budapest, Hungary. This immigrant visa allows your child to travel home with you. As part of this process a medical report will be completed.
  • For adoptions finalized abroad prior to the child’s entry into the United States: A child will acquire U.S. citizenship upon entry into the United States if the adoption was finalized prior to entry and the child otherwise meets the requirements of the Child Citizenship Act of 2000.
  • For adoptions finalized after the child’s entry into the United States: An adoption will need to be completed following your child’s entry into the United States for the child to acquire U.S. citizenship.

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