Birth Mother Blogs

In an effort to make it easier for birth mother voices to be heard as well as for expectant parents, birth parents and adoptive parents to easily find birth mother blogs, we’ve compiled a list of birth mother blogs from all over the country.

20somethingbirthmother “I am a 20 something birth mother living every day trying to find myself after placing my son for adoption, September 2013. Every day is hard, but every day it gets better.”
A Birthmom’s Story “I’m 21 years old I just transferred to Humboldt State University and I am majoring in social work. My dream is to run/own my own maternity home geared towards adoption. I’ve got a huge family and I’m birth mom to 2 year old boy.”
A Birth Mother’s Love My name is Deborah! I am B’s birth mother.I started this blog to help readers understand that you can be a birth mother and be happy.
Adoption In the City I’m a 34 year old birth mother from NYC. My son, J, was born on 5/13/2010 and placed with his adoptive parents M&P two days later. I think that when you are in a open adoption, one that looks like mine at least, it feels like it would be impossible for me to not feel at least partially resolved.
All About A Girl Here is where some of my world and my different, unique views of it are written and expressed through my writing.
Amanda Hi, I’m Amanda. I share stories from my life experiences to engage with those who’d like to live fuller, richer lives. I have a passion to see everyone fear less, risk more, and become the person they were made to be.
Amstel Life Everything you’ve wanted to know about open adoption written by a twenty something, Jesus loving, watermelon craving, recovering perfectionist who happens to be a birthmother.
Amy S. One of the words that I use to describe myself is Birth-Mother. I am a birth-mother who placed a child into an Open Adoption in 2004. My social worker that I had for pre and post placement counseling advised me that some say it is very healing to write out our adoption stories. I followed her lead and wrote out my adoption story.
Another Version of Motherhood Danielle is married, with two lovely children, and another that she relinquished over a decade ago in an adoption guided by LDSFS. Over the years she has found herself in various volunteer positions, most recently as a Leader for La Leche League Canada (although she is now retired from that role). Her writing has been feature several times on BlogHer, and she has been featured in Birthing Magazine.
Beautiful Heartsbreaks This is my story about my journey of life before and after placement. Here I tell all of my life’s “beautiful heartbreaks.”
Being Me Every relationship I have is colored by my sense of myself, which is colored by adoption.
So many judgments. I read and sort and forgive and grow and repeat.
Birthmother I’m in my mid-30’s and this is my first blog. Having a daughter that I get to keep and raise over 14 years after relinquishing my son has healed me in many ways but led to more questions. Life is a journey and rather than stumbling down the path in the dark, I am now trying to get some illumination (Phantom of the Opera music suddenly fills my head!) and walk slower and more purposefully, without denial
Birthmother Heroes WELCOME to a blog that honors the girls I work with,the lives I come in contact with through my experience,to the ones I might never meet, but learn of through the internet.My hope is to reach out to more birth moms (recent and long ago)and help these women connect to others.
Birthmother: My Experiences, My Truth I am passionate about my title as a Birthmother! I believe the story to every adoption starts with the birthparents. I believe if dealt with properly and handled with care, then each adoption story can and will end happily.
Birthmother; Reprise I am the birthmother of two boys in a very open adoption. I know my situation is rare; I have amicable relationships with the adoptive parents and both birthfathers, and I am currently doing daycare for my youngest son.
A Birth Mother Voice I have been on this journey of motherhood for over 20 years and every single day I find a new reason to be grateful for the open adoptions that I had. I blog to tell people my story, my thoughts, my trials, my heartaches, my pride and my joys.
Blessings in Disguise This is my journey – my life after choosing adoption for my baby girl. I say “choosing” because I did not give her up, I gave her better.
BonaFideBirthMother A Birth Mother Who Has Asperger’s Syndrome
Born to be in your arms My name is Gen and I recently lovingly placed my child in the arms of a couple I chose through adoption and want to share my journey and story.
Coley’s Corner While I do write about other topics elsewhere on the web, I consider this blog my home on the web. Coley’s Corner serves many different purposes for me.
Marginally a Mother For those of you who know me, you know this is my style. For those who don’t, welcome. I am Debbie. I jump in with both feet and don’t realize I shouldn’t have until the splash has splooshed. I don’t know how regular this blog will be, or what it will be about in the end. All I know is here I am, giving this a shot.
Dear Sweetheart This blog is the journey of a birth mother after she gives up her first born child and how she will find herself.
Diarrhea of a Madman I started this blog primarily as an outlet, but it has evolved into more than that for me. I am fortunate that so many thoughtful people comment, it allows me to view my thoughts from a different perspective.
Embracing the Box With Love To Box In: to keep in/confine. A daily struggle in the life of a birthgrandmother in an endearing open adoption and the loving lessons God is teaching her by “being still” and embracing the box He has placed her in.
Faith At Christmas Time Family is what you make it. Family isn’t always blood.
Idaho Birth Mother I chose an open adoption because I want a relationship with my birth son. I want to be a part of his life as he grows up and creates so many wonderful memories. I choose to see him as much as I am able to, long weekends and Holidays. I chose to have visits, pictures, videos, and anything and everything with my birth son’s adoptive family. They adopted me into their family so to speak, and I adopted them into mine.
I Should Really Be Working…. “This blog is where I plan to talk, vent, whine, celebrate, yell, discuss, and contemplate about my daughters adoption. And some adoption issues in general. I’m sure I will talk about a lot more, but if it were not for her adoption, I wouldn’t be here doing any of this so I’ll give credit where credit is due.”
Infertile FirstMom Here it is folks… straight from the mouth of a birthmother who is all grown up now and full of experiences and opinions about all kinds of things related to birthmotherhood and adoption.
Letters For Brody This isn’t your typical blog. It is very personal. It’s my story-but I’m not the only one who has walked this type of journey. You are not alone. You need to know that. This blog is written from a Christian perspective. For those of you who are believers, I hope it encourages you to grow in Christ. For those of you who aren’t, I hope it encourages you to at least think about why that is.
Life After Placement My name is Ashley Mitchell. I am the owner of Big Tough Girl™. I am a wife and a mother. I have survived so much in my life. I am so blessed because of the trials and challenges in my life, they have become great teachers. I love my husband and would not be doing the work that I love without his daily support. I believe that snow is the most magical thing on earth. I am a self-proclaimed Big Tough Girl™. This is my story.
Life of a birth mother My journey as an unexpected birth mother began 4 years ago. It has been the most rocky,emotional, physically draining experience of my life. I have not gone back through this emotional journey for it has been too hard for me to sit and think about. But I feel now … now is the time that i must sit and face all the tears and scars I have.
Love of a Birthmom is Forever Welcome to my new blog site for birth mothers! I’m Heidi Russo, mother, birth mother of Colin Kaepernick, one of the “Strands” of the non-profit organization ThreeStrands helping support, honor, and love birth moms, and I’m a registered nurse.
Mommyhood Land My name is Michelle. I am a mother to three beautiful boys, one angel baby, and one beautiful baby girl. “Adoption is very important to me for two reasons. I was adopted at birth. It is something I have always known about and something that I have always kept close to my heart. When I was 16 I got pregnant and became a Birth Mom. I made the hardest decision of my life and placed my sweet boy up for adoption. He is living in a loving home and knows who I am and his two younger brothers and sister are.”
Mothertone I am a birthmother, Kathleen, who has been in reunion with my firstborn daughter, Cathleen, since June 20, 1989. “We, who were robbed of keeping our babies, are now reclaiming our MOTHERhood. We are MOTHERS. Those who should have a prefix are stepmothers, Godmothers and adoptive ones.”
Musings of A Birthmom I am a mother to four parented children, first mother to one beautiful daughter, and wife to my husband. I co-manage a birthmothers support group, as well as a couple birth family and adoptee support groups online. I believe it is through sharing and learning, from all sides, that real change can happen.
Mutter and Muse “Older” mom, wife, self-employed architectural historian, out-of-work museum curator/director, over-educated geek. I’ll always be the first to protect a woman’s right to choose to parent, I’ll always be the first to stand up for truly ethical open adoptions
My Adoption Destination I am Jena. I am a Birth Mom of 10 years, a wife, and mother.
I am an advocate of adoption, the love it possesses, the possibilities of joy, and life after placement.
My Heart Forever On My Sleeve I’m C, an early-20’s lady redefining my life as birthmom to A. I’m a student just a few courses away from nursing school and a full-time nanny. I have a crazy open, amazing adoption.
My Life With Open Adoption My story of getting pregnant and giving my son up for adoption.
Reflections of a Birth Mother “This blog is my personal journey through adoption. I also feature guest posts from others in the adoption world. Together, we want to broaden the understanding of adoption.”
Sideshow Barb I’m not anti-adoption. In the sweetly succinct words of the Real Julia Roberts, I’m “anti-jackassery adoption”.
Singout This is a place for me to try my voice, to explore myself through expressing my thoughts and feelings. The single most impactful event in my life was the birth and separation from my firstborn, experiencing abandonment from both sides. As a mother I was abandoned by the world I knew and in turn I abandoned my daughter to “adoption”.
Stop, Drop and Blog My name is Jenna, aka FireMom. This blog showcases our family life in word and photo.
Tara’s Kitchen Sink This blog isn’t really about anything, but yet it’s about everything -everything in my life. My life as a nurse, a wife, a birthmother…
The Birth Grandma Chronicles Read more about my life as a birth grandma in an open adoption. Adoption has blessed both our family, and the adoptive family. Adoption IS Love!
The Grace Bond This blog isn’t really about me, it’s about Him. God. The one who has placed his fingerprints of grace throughout my life and lead me right back to Him. This is our adoption story and how He redeemed my mess into a beautiful little girl who is doubly loved.
The Happiest Sad This blog is my story – mine and some of Roo’s – and my thoughts. I started it right after I decided to place Roo for adoption.
Therapy is Expensive Hi, I’m KatjaMichelle. That’s not my real name, but it’s close enough that I’m not truly anonymous. I’m a mother who relinquished a child at birth. It’s important to share my story, birth parent voices have been silenced for so long. I got lucky and have a wonderful successful open adoption which makes me a perfect advocate for reform.
We Are Everywhere I am a mother of a child surrendered to adoption. I wholly believe society needs to begin to value the life of a child as well the child’s natural mother/father equally and to respect and support them as an inseparable, indivisible unit.
The Birthmother’s Journey I am a thirty-something mom. I’ve been blogging for four years about being a mom and a birthmom and building a writing career. I hope that my blog resonates with birthmoms, parents and everyone who likes to look deeper at the seemingly mundane.
Where Do I Begin? My name is Rebekah. I am a child of the most high God and the mother to six precious children, four of which I parent, one who went to be with Jesus at six weeks gestation, and the last one (sweet Tyrus) who I relinquished to adoption. This blog highlights all the good the bad and the ugly parts of being a single mom and also a birth mom.
O Momma Writes My name is Ashley Roberts. While I am now a young mom, wife, and full time college student and my blog focuses on those roles primarily, my role as a birth mother in an open adoption is talked about often as my experiences collide my roles together resulting into one role…simply me.
Endure for a Night A birth mother in an open adoption, I write about my experiences with my son, his parents, and the rest of my world.
Not Quite “Juno”–My Adoption Story I had the most wonderful pregnancy ever being involved totally with the adoptive parents from early on. This blog chronicles my story as I have gone from “warm and fuzzy” to coming to terms with being left out in the cold after reality set in.
The Birth Mother Voice I have been on this journey of motherhood for over 20 years and every single day I find a new reason to be grateful for the open adoptions that I had. I blog to tell people my story, my thoughts, my trials, my heartaches, my pride and my joys. I have an incredibly positive outlook about adoption and strive to show the good that has happened in my life and the lives of my children.
My Adoption Journey My name is Sterling, I’m 22-years-old, and I am the birthmother to the most gorgeous little boy in the world. I started this blog to share my experiences, thoughts, and help myself move forward after placing my sweet little boy.
Not Just a Birth Mom I’m Ashleigh! I am a First Mom to the two most beautiful boys in the world (placed in May ’09 and December ’10). I am pro-adoptee rights, first parent rights, and adoption reform.
The Great Wide Open This blog is my honest attempt to work out this whole open adoption thing by chronicling my thoughts, feelings, fears, joys, and adventures along the way.
Statistically Impossible Discussing the impact of open adoption before, during, and after the birth of his son.
I’ll Be Loving You I’m a birthmother. This is my life as a birthmother and so much more. For me, adoption is a beautiful thing
In My Mind: A Birthmother’s Journey This is my adoption story & my feelings along the way. My goal is to offer healing, hope, & companionship to the women who are going through the challenges & joys of placing a child for adoption.
Adoption in the City I am a 30 something woman living in NYC. I write about everything to do with adoption and it’s impact on my life, some stories are personal anecdotes about birthmotherhood, others are stories about dealing with open adoption.
100 Letters to You This blog is my release. My outlet for my self-destructive thoughts I don’t want to place on myself. My hopes & dreams for my future as well. Hopefully I can look back 10years from now and just be in utter awe of how much I have changed.
The Mann I’ve Become This page is in promotion of my latest and not-yet-published work “The Mann I’ve Become” a story about Abuse, Adoption, Grief, and Acceptance.
Katydid For Adoption I am a mother, wife, and birthmother. I love adoption and I love the wonderful family I placed my son with. here are the random thoughts and stories of life before and after placement!
Wife, Mother, Birthmother, Author, Homeschooler Chronicling the adventures of anything woman!
One More Day This Blog was created as an outlet for my own feelings and experiences. It is a personal Blog about my life, with the goal of education and camaraderie.
Living the Bittersweet Life Life as a birthmother in an open adoption.
Betty Anne Davidson Learning to blog. About adoption. About being a new mom. About life.
Living Through Today Some days are good days. And some days you just have to live through. This is my journey through life as a birthmother.
Coming Clean: Confessions of a Secret Birthmom The only place to start, to get some clarity, is to start at the beginning. To get it all out, once and for all.

Welcome to my journey.

From Another Mother Though this blog is dedicated to my adoption-related experiences, this is only one piece of who I am.
Access Granted, Please Enter This is a blog about me. For 15+ years I had a secret. It was my greatest fear & my greatest shame. This is my journey through it all. It’s my journey to discover & live my truth. Gotta love Oprah!
My Angels From God It’s something that I have battled in myself for the last year or so. I have tried to figure out how to create more of a relationship without creating strain.
I’m Still A Good Mother; A Birth Mother’s Journey Through Open Adoption I am a loving mother, who has had an amazing journey through life. I’m passionate about adoption, mother’s in recovery, their children and the possibility of second chances. I think everyone has a purpose in life, it just may take a long, winding road to find it.
Open Adoption4ALL My name is Kacy. I am a Birth Mother and an Adoptive Mother. My story is quite different from the typical adoption blogger. I see things from two sides of the adoption triad. And I get alot of input from my son, Chris, who sees things from the third side of the triad.
The awful legacy of adoption I was thinking about this in terms of my daughter, whom I had relinquished to adoption, giving up a daughter herself in a closed adoption. How very sad. She needed to understand what I felt.
Braving Birthmotherhood Adoption….my choice.
Daughter Left Behind When your original family betrays you and lets you down, you feel left behind and forgotten. At 17 I found myself pregnant and unmarried, something not tolerated in the community and family I was raised in. I had no support and my family failed me. This is my story and how I cope with the tremendous loss of my daughter to adoption.
I Say C’est La Vie 21, birthmother, thoughts on my life and my experience with adoption.
Making a Choice For Life Please, I am not *advertising* for adoptive parents. I am however trying to locate a decent honest adoption attorney in Washington State who can handle an open adoption.
No Place Like Home Random musings on adoption, recovery, and life on life’s terms. Enjoy!
It Sounds Like Your Adoption Experience Wasn’t Pleasant… The truth as I know it about being a First Mom
Love one Another “Adopt” the Mother I believe the enemy is the adoption industry and I believe in working together to change it. That means adoptee, birthparents, and adoptive parents need to find common ground . I believe we are all responsible to put aside our personal issues and fix adoption for the benefit of all our children.
The Roads I’ve Taken Thoughts on life and adoption as a First Mom and an Adoptive Mom. (Or just as Mom) The content of my blog will be adoption, reunion, and being both a First Mom and an Adoptive Mom. Riding on the fence has been difficult and I think this is as good a place as any to work those emotions out.
Singout This is a place for me to try my voice, to explore myself through expressing my thoughts and feelings. The single most impactful event in my life was the birth and separation from my firstborn, experiencing abandonment from both sides. As a mother I was abandoned by the world I knew and in turn I abandoned my daughter to “adoption”.
The Myrtle Grove The purpose of this blog is to provide a place for birthmothers to be heard; because in the hearing, there is healing. I am primarily focused on birthmothers of the closed adoption era, and those who are followers of Jesus, but any and all are truly welcome.
Wet Feet Musings of the Lame was started in 2005 primarily as a simple blog recording the feelings of a birthmother as she struggled to understand how the act of relinquishing her first newborn so to adoption in 1987 continued to be a major force in her life.
Surviving Adoption Loss Off all the tragedies of life, surviving the loss of a child is the greatest to endure.
Raising Bluebirds Our story would never be as miraculous or wondrous without His great love, mercy, and grace.
The Lives and Times of Natural Mothers.
This blog is intended for the use of women who have lost children to adoption, and for families separated by adoption.
Birth Mother Blog of a birthmother. We talk about Sue’s life experiences as a birthmother and the birthmother/adoption experiences of this blog’s following. Sue offers her blogspot as a type of ‘Dear Abby’ for those desiring advice from someone who has ‘been there’.
DelightedMommy Maybe doing a blog and having the chance to get out all of my feelings will make life seem clearer to me.
DADI- Donor Against Donor Insemination No, not a contradiction in terms. I am a former sperm donor who is now totally opposed to the practice of donor conception. This is my story….
Jalama Beach I’m a reunited birthmom who’s been married for 30+ years to a great guy and we have a wonderful son together. I’m a “what you see is what you get” kinda gal.
Maybe Baby This blog is about my journey through child loss, infertility and trying to build a family.
Mischief Mom Wife Friend I wrote this blog over a span of about a week. I was surprised at how easily and quickly it poured out of me. I have now consolidated all of the entries into one blog, for ease of reading.
Natural Mothers Dream Of Hope I did this Blog to give all Natural Mothers hope.
Relinquishing, Reunion and Moving On This blog is about my ongoing reunion.
The True Me Broken Hearted This is another place where I can put my thoughts down, and let you read them if you so wish to chose.
The Silent Birth Mother These are my experiences, my thoughts, my opinions and this is the pain I carry in my heart…everyday
Matter of the Heart This blog was made to share open adoption stories and to educate others on the gift open adoption brings to all those involved.
Running Away Hey! I’m Terri, a stay-at-home homeschooling mommy of two precious girls.My birthdaughter is 26 and her son is about to turn 3. I placed her in a closed adoption and we were reunited almost 10 years ago.
Trigger Warning How do you deal with your triggers and what do you find that triggers you?