What was dating like after you placed your child for adoption?


I would say just to be really upfront about it because it really weeds people out, I’ve learned. If you’re going to get involved with somebody they may as well know. For me, personally, I’m really open about it with everybody. So if you go on my Facebook you’re going to know that I’m a birthmom and I’ve got no shame about it. For some people it’s a little bit more private and that’s okay to not share unless you’re a little more comfortable with somebody. But for me being upfront has worked really well and I haven’t had any problems afterwards. The thing that I have noticed is that you get a lot more people that will respect you and not judge you for getting pregnant because a lot of people will, but those that don’t, a lot of them are really great guys and it really hasn’t really hurt my dating life at all.

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