What did you do the first day that you found out you were pregnant?


I had a week to figure out that I possibly was pregnant. I started having this really weird dreams but I was thinking maybe I was just having these dreams because it was on my mind. Tuesday after Memorial Day in 2013 I bought a pregnancy test and did the test when I was at work and it didn’t even take more than 60 seconds before it turned pink. It immediately turned and I was like, “Okay.” So I come out and my co-worker was like, “So what’s the deal?” and I’m like, “Yup, it’s positive, I’m pregnant.” And they’re like, “Okay.” The office that I worked at was a really small family owned office.

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There were maybe 6 people total in the office. I kind of was risking even doing anything there in the office because I knew that I could possibly lose my job if they find out that I was pregnant and so forth but I really didn’t have another spot to do it. So when I got in my car, I called one of my best friends who knew that I had a suspicion that I was pregnant and she was like, “So what’s the deal? Is it negative or positive?” and I said it’s positive. She’s like, “Oh crap, what are you going to do? Where are you? What are you doing?” and I said, “Well, I’m driving home from work and I’m going home.” She’s like, “Are you going to tell your parents?” I said, “Yeah.”

My mom got home and I was currently living with my parents at the time for just a temporary basis. I was kind of in between with what I want to do and so forth so I’m living at my parent’s house. My mom gets home and she was in a super great mood and she’s like, “Hey, how’s your day?” Yada yada yada. And I said “Well, I have some news.” My mom said, “Well, is it good or bad?” I said, “Well, I guess it depends on really how you look at it.” She’s like, “Okay, walk with me.” So she was changing out of her work clothes and into just regular clothes so we could get dinner around and get some errands when I said, “I’m pregnant” and she stopped and looked and she was like, “Okay.” I could tell that she was somewhat upset but not really. It was more of like a shock because she’d never expected for me to say that. She didn’t know if I was dating anybody at the time so it was more of a very, very shock. So her first question really was, “Is this your ex’s?” In the previous relationship that I was in, the guy was extremely emotionally abusive and he was not good. He’s been in and out of jail. I said, “No, it was not his.” And my mom said, “Thank God!” After that, the rest of the night was pretty intense. It was pretty awkward because my dad got home and my mom told my dad and we all sat down after dinner and was like, “Okay what’s your plan?” At that time, I decided I’m going to parent because that’s what a natural person does. A person doesn’t go through life and get pregnant be like, “Hey, I’m going to put my baby into an adoption plan because that’s what needs to happen.” We kind of set up a family plan and my parents worked with me and they asked me if I had gotten a doctor’s appointment ready and stuff and I said no because this has just happened. They kind of gave me some tasks and goals of what to do for the next couple of days and we just kind of got going on it.

After I told my parents I then found the guy that I was hooking up with at the time online later that night. I told him exactly what I told my parents that I was pregnant and he was furious, which I expected him to be, and he told me that I needed to abort. I told him I wasn’t going to abort because I was pro-life for myself. So he goes, “Well, you can’t parent. I’m not going to support you.” He pretty much hang up at me at that point. I pretty much knew that I was on my own for this for a while. So that’s what I did within the first 24-48 hours. I did go to a crisis pregnancy center locally in my town that I grew up in and confirmed it as well because I didn’t have any health insurance at the time and I went up to the Medicaid office and applied for state assistance to get some type of insurance so I could go to the regular doctor and get the prenatal care that I needed.

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