What was the most memorable part of your pregnancy?


I have two that really stick out to me. The first one was really great. I moved back home for a few months while I was pregnant and my older brother was there at the time. He would sing to her in Portuguese and for some reason, it was just him. She wouldn’t respond to anything else but for some reason when he would sing her Portuguese song, she would just get up and start kicking and it was really funny.

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The other one was a few months before I delivered. I was out with the adoptive couple because we had a really great relationship while I was pregnant and we were in a carnival with their son and their family. This woman walked up to me and she asked if she could touch my belly, which is weird. She started talking to me, because you know a lot of people share their birth experiences and things like that when you’re pregnant. But she lifted her shirt in the middle of this carnival to show me her stretch marks and it was really uncomfortable because she was reaching at my shirt to see if I have stretch marks and she’s just a weird lady.

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