What was going through your mind during the moment of your child’s placement?


I was just looking at her face and thinking about how much I miss her, missing being her mom and kind of wishing that I could. But I didn’t regret it, I didn’t want to go back because I knew that this was the right thing and there is really a great spirit in the room. I’d say that the placement really wasn’t the hardest thing for me.

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What I really loved was that her adoptive father gave me a hug and he made me promise to not back out of her life because they weren’t going to back out of me and she deserves the very best. Just the way that he looked at her, the way that her older brother would be so shy and sweet with her and just the love that she was getting from her mom, it was really a great experience. It was sad and I’ll never forget it but it was probably one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened to me.

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