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At Binti, we’re committed to making adoption paperwork easier for adoptive parents. Typically adoptive parents have 50-200 pieces of paperwork to fill out over the course of their adoption, which would normally mean printing out the forms, signing them, and then mailing or faxing them back. With Binti, parents are able to fill out the paperwork online, upload supporting documents, and e-sign the application with Hellosign — all in one place. The time savings to our parents are enormous — typically it takes our parents just a few days to finish the paperwork, instead of several weeks to months.

Our parents love working with us. Here’s what a couple have had to say:

c-parent-testimonialI highly recommend Binti to any parent going through the adoption home study process. Everyone I’d ever spoken to about the home study process has really struggled with it, but I want to tell them, “Let me put your mind at ease — Binti is awesome. They’re quick to get back to you, you talk to real people, you can fill out your home study paperwork online, and they help you throughout the entire process.”

Carrie C., New Jersey

m-parent-testimonialI was amazed by how fast everything went with Binti. It was seamless and wonderful to be able to do my home study paperwork online. Binti is keeping adoptions up to speed with the world we live in, where you can do most things online.

– Melody C., Florida

We believe in great, personalized support for our parents, and look forward to helping you with your home study and adoption.

Felicia Curcuru
Felicia Curcuru

Felicia Curcuru is the CEO of Binti. Felicia is a Court Appointed Special Advocate for foster youth in San Francisco. Felicia previously worked at McKinsey & Company and FundersClub.

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