Adam Arellano He/they

Adam is the Chief Information Security Officer at Binti and cares deeply about the mission of the company. After serving as a Marine for 14 years, where he learned to fix airplanes, build radio networks, secure computer systems, and be a social worker, he transitioned to the civilian sector to better support his wife’s Marine Corps career.

After leaving active duty, Adam has spent large amounts of time mentoring other transitioning service members, advocating for their wellbeing, and trying to make the use of technology more ethical and humane. Most recently he worked with an artificial intelligence company on their efforts to accelerate transparency in policing, defend democracy, and protect the environment through government partnerships. He believes that security only matters in the service of a greater cause and that people are the most critical component of any system’s protection.

Adam and family live in Northern Virginia but will be returning to North Carolina soon to be closer to extended family.

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