Andrew Ho He/him

Andrew is Head of Business Operations, where he leads a team that owns cross-company strategic initiatives and incubates new functions. Andrew joined Binti because he is motivated by Binti’s unique opportunity to facilitate collaboration between social workers, youth, and families.

Andrew’s professional experience spans non-profit, social enterprise, and for-profit SaaS. Prior to Binti, he worked on international expansion and internal orchestration products at Stripe, a financial services software firm. Before that, he incubated new business verticals at Sama, a social enterprise building a training data platform for AI. He began his career evaluating research grant allocations with EGPAF, a leader in the effort to eliminate pediatric HIV/AIDS.

Outside of work, you’ll find him on slow bike rides, in the grocery store snack aisle, or at home Googling the endings of mystery shows before watching them, much to the chagrin of his partner.

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