Mahmood Ahmadi

Mahmood is very passionate about making a significant impact on foster youth globally. He truly believes Binti can fill a great void in our child welfare systems and is ready to help bring Binti to every county across the nation.

Mahmood has spent four summers in Afghanistan, being the founder of a non-profit organization, providing impoverished communities access to clean water, non-perishable food supply and school supplies.

Mahmood has a BA in Psychology and a minor in Education from UC Davis. He joins Binti with 5+ years of experience in e-learning, working as an Account Executive at a prominent software company. He enjoys sports, hiking and exploring the country with his Siberian Husky Hero.

He loves using technology to help make the world a better place, by providing an equal playing field for everyone. He is excited to introduce you to Binti and fully stands behind our mission to help re-invent child welfare programs globally.

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