Tina Marie Basile

Prior to Binti, Tina spent several years working directly with resource families and understands the important role that technology can play in helping overcome the many hurdles’ children and families face in the child welfare system. Tina worked as a case manager, adoption recruiter, and home finder in New York. Tina earned her Master’s Degree in Policy Management from Georgetown University after seeing the great need for policy changes in the child welfare system. She focused her studies on increasing the access and availability of medical and recreational services for children who experienced foster care in New York City. Tina is passionate about making sure all children feel loved and have a safe place to rest their head at the end of a long day. In her free time, you can find her reading a book, cooking up a new recipe, or relaxing with her dog. On her off days, Tina is a birth doula who enjoys the ancient art of helping laboring women and their newborn babies.

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