Adoption Grants

How to apply for adoption grants

There are many nonprofit organizations that provide grants for adoptions. In order to receive grant money for your adoption, you will need to apply for the grant and be selected. We recommend doing your research ahead of time to understand which adoption grants you are mostly likely to qualify for. When you are ready to apply, make sure you fill out the grant applications as thoroughly as possible (including references where applicable) to have the best shot at securing a grant. The application process for each grant may differ.

Who is eligible for adoption grants?

Priority for adoption grant money tends to go to parents who are adopting older children, sibling groups, or special-needs children. In addition, several grants tend to favor families who have the highest need for financial assistance and have attempted to raise the adoption funds on their own before applying for grant money for the adoption.

Available adoption grants

Below is a list of available grants, including the popular Gift of Adoption fund and the Show Hope adoption grant. We hope that this list can help you narrow down which grants may be most suited for your particular situation and needs.

Name of grant Who is eligible to apply? Award What stage of process Deadline Phone Email
A Child Waits Foundation U.S. citizens who are adopting a child from an international orphanage through an accredited agency Up to $5,000 Grant must be prior to bringing the child home Ongoing (866) 999-2445 Email
Affording Adoption Foundation Individuals adopting through accredited adoption agencies in the U.S. $250-$1,000 Already been matched with a child Ongoing Email
Both Hands Single and married couples can apply Varies Applications are accepted after your home study is completed. Ongoing 615-969-7565 Email
Brittany’s Hope Foundation Children must be adopted from affiliates or special needs children (older children, sibling groups, children with disabilities, etc.) through the Seeding Gift Program either domestic or international. Matching grant Ongoing (717) 367-9614 Email
Cade Foundation Must have a infertility diagnosis from a doctor and be a legal permanent US resident. Grant can be used to help with infertility treatment or domestic adoption Up to $10,000 June 1st application due; notified by October 15th and funds available January 1st (443) 896-6504 Email
Caroline’s Promise Christian couples living in North or South Carolina. Domestic or international adoption. Prefers families who are close to adopting but need a little financial help to finish the adoption process. “Put on hold” Must have completed home study and invested their own money into the process thus far. Given to families who are lacking the last bit of money needed to complete the process (336) 993-9046 Email
Golden Dawn Adoption Assitance, Inc. Only Christian and married couples. Gives assistance to African American, sibling groups, or special needs. Up to $2,000 Ongoing (801) 967-0102 Email
God’s Grace Adoption Ministry Inc. Christian, two-parent families with annual household income under $60,000. Matching grants with an average of $2,500 6 times per year (209) 572-4539 Email U.S. citizens living in the U.S. who are facing significant financial obstacles. No embryo adoptions. $500-$15,000 paid directly to the provider of the adoption expense Can be used for your choice of adoption process after you have an approved home study. Mid-April, Mid-October (917) 684-5484 Email
Ibsen Adoption Network Families in Washington state who are adopting special needs children Average $1,500 May 31, October 31 (360) 866-7036
International Adoption Resources Must be doing a legal international adoption. Financial need is considered. $500-$1,500 Completed homestudy required Quarterly (65) 969 – 1819
Katelyn’s Fund Two-parent heterosexual Christian families working with a licensed adoption agency. Must show financial need. $3,000 Ongoing Email
Lifesong for Orphans Couples that are adoptiong special needs or older children. Couples must demonstrate financial need and have a referral from their local church. Matching grants $1,000-$4,000 Must have completed a home study. Quarterly (309) 747-3556 Email
Lifetime Adoption Foundation Helps with adoption of domestic, sibling groups, African American or special needs. Based on availability Ongoing (530) 432-7383
Lutheran Social Service (LSS) Must reside in Wisconsin or Northern Michigan and be working with LSS. Grant can be used for specific waiting child with special needs. Based on availability Ongoing (800) 577-4100
Lydia Fund Couples adopting a child from an international institution. Christian, married heterosexual couples. Homestudy underway Ongoing Email
Micah Fund Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota. Married Christian parents adpoting a minority child. Matchng up to $2,000 Completed homestudy Ongoing (651) 636-5255
National Adoption Foundation No exclusions as to race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, family characteristics, or income. You are eligible to apply for all legal adoptions of non-related children. $500-$2,000 Home study in progress or completed 4 times per year (845) 803-4837 Email
Noah ZM. Goetz Foundation US citizens residing in North Carolina. Have had fertility treatments and no children. $1,000 Homestudy completed Rolling (919 374-0410 Email
North American Mission Board Southern Baptist Ministers and Missionaries, must be married. $500-$1,000 Ongoing (770) 410-6360 Email
Parenthood for Me US citizen. Must have significant financial need. Based on availability Completed homestudy 6 application deadlines each year Email
Sacred Selections US citizen. Must be a member of a Church of Christ. Based on availability Completed homestudy Email
Show Hope Christian with letter from pastor. No independent adoptions. Varies Homestudy complete but pre-placement. 5 deadlines per year (615) 550-5600
Sparrow Fund Financial help with medical review provider expenses related to comprehensive adoption support (medical placement report review, post-placement support, etc.) Varies Home study complete January – October Email
Spence-Chapin Special Funds Three different funds. Must be adopting through Spence-Chapin. (1) African American adoption fund (2) International Adoption Fund including older or special needs children and (3) New York City Welcome Fund for applicants who travel from outside the area to meet their baby and who are adopting infants with complex health needs. Varies Ongoing (212) 369-0300
The Gift of Adoption Fund U.S. citizens adoptiong domestically or internationally Average award $3,500 ($2,000-$5,000) Have an approved and current home study from an accredited adoption agency 10 grants per year (877) 905-2367 Email
The Orphan Foundation Lower and middle-income US adopting families who are adopting an orphan $1,250 Parents who have completed their homestudy and the child is still in an orphanage or foster care. 2 awards per year (April and October)
The Sarah Lily Fund for Adoption Jewish couples or individuals in the New York metropolitan area who have a court approval to adopt or approval from an agency for a foreign adoption. Demonstrate financial need. Two $5,000 grants per year Completed homestudy 2 awards a year (Nov. 15 and May 15) (718) 548-8200 x210
Topeka Community Foundation Kansas Christian families doing domestic or international adoptions. $1,000-$4,000 Completed homestudy preferred. 2 awards a year (due April 30th and Oct. 30) (785) 272-4804 Email
World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP) All Together Now grant: Families adopting a group of three or more siblings through Washington State foster care through WACAP’s US Kids Program. Promise Child grant: Reduces fees for adoption of certain children in WACAP’s Family Finders Program. Average $500 per child Ongoing (800) 732-1887 Email

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