Software for foster care agencies

Binti for foster care

More than 400,000 children are in foster care in the US. The software systems we use to help these children and their families are often antiquated or nonexistent. Foster care social workers spend too much of their time on paperwork, not leaving enough time for the social work they are passionate about doing.

There is so much more technology can do to help foster children, their families and foster care professionals. That’s why we’re introducing Binti for Foster Care, a next generation suite of technology solutions designed to help foster care professionals do their job more effectively and efficiently.

Binti for Foster Care Approvals

Binti’s first foster care software module is “Binti for Foster Care Approvals”. With this software:

  • Social workers save 20-40% of their time through reducing redundant data entry and improving the workflow, which lets them spend more time with families and less time on paperwork.
  • Families can apply online to foster a child or adopt a child from foster care. Families complete all their paperwork online and can e-sign their applications.
  • Social workers can see at a glance where all families are in the process and what they need to follow up with.
  • Social workers can complete all of their case work online.
  • Supervisors can see at glance the status of the applications and the performance of the team.
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