Adoption Home Study Tips

Parents are often concerned with how to pass a home study for adoption, as well as how to speed up the amount of time it takes to do the home study. We’ve compiled a list of adoption home study tips to help you educate yourself on what to do to maximize your chances of success.

Binti’s Adoption Home Study Tips

(1) Be honest

Home study providers widely recommend that you are honest and upfront with them from the beginning so that they have the full picture. If an unfavorable detail were to come out later (e.g. via a reference or another check), it could harm your credibility and chances of passing the home study.

It’s rare for a home study to have an unfavorable outcome; however, some general reasons for why a social worker may have a negative recommendation include:

  • Health conditions or disabilities that would prevent you from being able to care for a child long-term.
  • Financial problems, such as being in a state of bankruptcy or high debt. You don’t need to be rich to be able to adopt, but the social worker wants to make sure you will be able to provide for the child.
  • Criminal convictions, such as felonies, or any record of child abuse. While minor misdemeanors or an arrest record won’t necessarily preclude you from adopting, having a felony on your record will prevent you from adopting internationally and make it much harder to adopt in the U.S. as well.

(2) Start on documents that require lead time first

With all the documents you need to provide, we find it easier to first look at what’s required. Some documents may take a little more time to fill out — for example, some documents require physician’s signatures, references to vouch for you, and notarizations. You will also have to get fingerprinted. To expedite the home study process overall, it’s best to take care of those documents first so that you can finish the rest of your paperwork while you wait for those other documents to be completed.

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