Chloé Agápe

Chloé Agápe

Born in San Jose and raised in Irvine, Chloe brings the two sides of California together wherever she goes. She loves working on high-impact projects and looking after things that tend to be overlooked.

As a jack of all trades, she served TEDxUCIrvine as a Content Marketing Director, led graphic design at HACK@UCI, mentored for Women in Information and Computer Science (WICS), and consulted for the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). She went on to develop her own product, Clubtree, with a small team of engineers. Upon graduating she began her career at Affirm, Inc as a full-stack engineer. Now at Binti, Chloe is excited to pick up even more engineering skills for an incredible cause.

In her spare time, Chloe enjoys having meaningful conversation, debate and making new friends. Deeply spiritual, Chloe enjoys reading about a multitude of religions. She’s currently trying out new hobbies such as pottery, deepening her yoga practice, and analog photography.

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