Christian Alvarez

My Mother and Father came to the US from South America so I am Colombian/Uruguayan and the first born of the family. Through various volunteer opportunities in college I was able to narrow down my interests and knew I wanted to help children and families. This led me to graduate USF with a BA in Psychology and begin working in the Child Welfare field. After just over 4 years I decided to make a complete shift and move into sales at a technology company but the passion for the children and families never left me. After 5 years I decided to begin exploring ways I can apply what I have learned since I graduated into a single role. This led me to Binti. I could describe Binti as my “dream company” truly combining my complete skill set. The opportunity to help build something and do good at Binti felt like the most natural move forward.

I have 1 baby girl named Aurora Alvarez born September 2020. My wife and I enjoy doing literally anything with her and our 2 dogs, Emma and Evo (both Golden Retrievers). We plan to do a lot of traveling with our little one as we explore new places as a family. I am also a huge soccer fan both international and domestic levels. I support the USMNT, Colombia’s national team, Uruguay’s national team and Liverpool FC/Atletico Madrid for domestic leagues.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies, video games, and wood working. I also enjoy fast cars as well as classics mostly from manufacturers such as Porsche and BMW. I have 3 dream cars (that I can realistically purchase some day): BMW 850 CSI and BMW E46 ZHP, and 1988 Porsche 911. I hope to buy one that needs work and restore it one day. I also enjoy learning and researching the Titanic and other ocean liners of that era.

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