Jonathan Rodriguez

Jonathan joins the Binti business development team as our first SDR. He has worked in sales for the past 5+ years. He was given his first opportunity in sales as a life agent, where he was able to discover the negative aspects of sales, but learned how to break through walls, achieve sales goals but knew he wanted to be somewhere that would lean in on empathy. At ThinkHR, Jonathan was able to grow his knowledge and experience even further by having focused training as an SDR. Being on the founding sales team, he grew through the ranks and helped build their new sales enablement team, created processes, and specific pitches for different personas. Jonathan received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the Cal State University, East Bay and Masters in Business Administration.

Jonathan is excited to join Binti as he has always been passionate about child welfare. He believes that if we do our part in helping youth be placed in the right homes, we will help create a better future for them. With his mother and fiancé in the child welfare space, Binti brings his two passions together. When not behind the computer, he enjoys boxing, playing drums, cooking, spending time with his family, his fiancé and his pup named Libby.

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