Reinvent foster care and adoption with us

Binti is building software to alleviate the shortage of
foster parents and find the best family for every child

Public Recruiting Site

Teach potential families about the foster family approval process with a website custom made for your agency.

Online Applicant Portal

Remove physical paperwork by allowing applicants, references, and other adults to easily complete their forms from a computer or mobile phone.

Approvals Module

Approve families faster by tracking background checks, forms, and trainings. Gain insight into your process, barriers, and trends with robust reporting.

Placements Module

Find the best matches for children based on distance to school, preferences, and ability to keep siblings together. Automate and record reach outs to potential placement.


Increase in foster families
applying from the community


Partnering agencies since 2016,
serving 40,000 children in care


Time saved by Binti’s partners
and their social workers

Our customers

  • Since launching with the County of San Francisco in 2016, Binti has quickly expanded to work with 55 agencies across the country in 11 states.


  • Binti partner agencies serve over 40,000 children in care nationally.

Binti – San Francisco Case Study Video


“I don’t think we could do the work that we do without Binti. As such a large agency, it’s invaluable to have the ability to track our families from that initial call all the way until they are caring for children. Not only does our team benefit from the software but we are also very happy with the real-time responsiveness of the Binti team to the needs of our staff, the families, and our community partner agencies.”

— Karen Richardson, Deputy Director, Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services Juvenile Court Services and Adoptions Bureau

“It would have been so beneficial to have Binti from the very beginning of implementation of resource family approval. I can’t say that enough. We really struggled without it. The staff is really seeing the benefits of Binti. It’s also user friendly to applicants. Applicants can go in and do everything online and see where they are in the process. Due to Binti, we’ve been able to reach a wider community base. It helped increase the number of community inquiries in a huge way. We were getting 4-5/month, now we’re hitting over 20/month.”

— Sophia Isom, Permanency Program Director, San Francisco Family & Children’s Services

“In 22 years in social work, I’ve never seen a program go live so quickly, be so useful to our work, and have people come to hear our feedback and improve the software based on our feedback. Also when we reach out, your team is so helpful.”

— Susan Tucker, Assistant Regional Administrator for Resource Family Recruitment and Approval Division in Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services

“Whenever we have an issue or feedback, Binti adjusts things so quickly. It’s amazing!”

— Terry Poalucci, Resource Family Approval Social Worker, Tuolumne County Social Services

“I really like it and I was the most resistant! I am not computer literate and was scared, but it’s easy to figure out 99 percent of the time and the support I’ve had with Tara has been wonderful.”

— Debra Dobbs – Glenn County

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