We believe every child deserves the care and support of a loving family

Binti is a mission-driven technology company. We have a huge vision in foster care, adoption and beyond, and are growing our team quickly to help us get there.

Binti builds modern software with the goal of helping every child have a family. 400,000 children are currently in foster care in the US and millions are in orphanages around the world. 30% of the US’s homeless population and 25% of prison inmates experienced foster care as youth. It’s clear that children who don’t have families don’t have a fair chance at life. Binti wants to change that. By streamlining the foster/adoption process with user-friendly tools, we are working to address the nationwide shortage of foster families.

Since launching in 2017, we’ve helped over 110,000 families get approved to foster/adopt children, and over 12,000 social workers use Binti as their primary workspace in the office and the field. Binti partners with county and state governments as well as private agencies across 34 states (plus DC) to improve the foster care system. On average, agencies using Binti have increased the number of families approved by 30%, meaning that more children across the nation can have loving families.

Binti has grand ambitions to improve outcomes in child welfare as well as rewire other government verticals in the future. To fuel this growth, Binti has raised over $60M from top investors including Founders Fund, First Round Capital, Kapor Capital, Michael Dell, Lachy Groom and others. We’re excited for the road ahead!

Our Core Values

Put the child first

In every decision we make, we prioritize what’s best for the child or youth over everything else.

Embrace the best idea

Our mission drives us rather than our individual egos. That means that if another person has a better idea, we embrace it rather than trying to push our idea. We also feel comfortable dissenting and sharing a new idea because we are confident our team mates feel the same way.

Break through walls

We have a huge vision at Binti. Each team member is treated as an owner and is both encouraged and expected to figure out ways to solve difficult problems with creativity, resourcefulness and a can-do attitude. We believe, where there is a will, there is a way.

Create love through empathy

We value empathy and seek every day to show empathy to each other at Binti, as well as to the children, families and social workers we work with through both our actions as well as the products we build. We value giving and receiving feedback to help us increase empathy toward each other. We strive to build a welcoming and inclusive workplace.

Empower with information

We strive to share data across the team so that others can make informed decisions as well as be motivated by the full context of the impact of their work. We also want to enable our customers to use data to make better decisions to improve outcomes for children.


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