What Our Team Members Say


I’ve never worked in an environment as kind, intelligent and supportive as Binti. Everyone truly cares about their work and the impact they have on their surroundings. I’m grateful to learn from my team as both an engineer and a person.

TINA, Software Engineer


There is something deep within me that makes me want to make the world a more fair place. Working at Binti lets me incrementally satisfy that desire, a little everyday.

Anchit, Software Engineer


Working at Binti is the best of all worlds! Not only is our product incredibly impactful on children, families and social work professionals, but our entire team is passionate about our mission. Our shared vision and drive is genuinely rare. I am so grateful to be challenged, encouraged and supported by the Binti team every day.

Tara, Account Manager

Things we don’t look for:

Previous experience at a technology company
Degrees from specific schools
A desire to drink every night with the team
A specific age range for any position

Come Join Our Team

Binti values team members from all walks of life. We’re committed to upholding a fair and inclusive company and encourage people of any sexual orientation, gender or race to apply. We actively seek out those with social work and startup experience, and those who embody the growth mindset required to be successful at a fast growing company.

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