What Our Team Members Say

Working at Binti is a privilege and a joy! The use of technology to address a massive social issue demonstrates that a mission-driven organization and a team dedicated to putting the needs of the child first, can create a more organized working environment for social workers, a seamless experience for families, and ultimately a better living situation for the children who need it most! I have never met a more passionate and thoughtful team and I consider myself lucky to work alongside them.

Andrés, Implementation Manager

Working at Binti is the best of all worlds! Not only is our product incredibly impactful on children, families and social work professionals, but our entire team is passionate about our mission. Our shared vision and drive is genuinely rare. I am so grateful to be challenged, encouraged and supported by the Binti team every day.

Tara, Solutions Architect

What I love about Binti starts with our mission, to increase opportunity in the world, but it doesn’t stop there. We’ve set out values that help us reach that goal in thoughtful, sustainable and healthy ways that we can be proud of. We’re not only listening to our users in a deep way that’s rare in tech, but we also actively seek out input from the people our work has the most impact on, including social workers and children. Our team cares and respects one another and puts the interests of children first.

Emil, Software Engineer

Working at Binti is incredibly fulfilling. Being able to work with wonderful, compassionate individuals who are driven to help support a truly important mission has been humbling and rewarding. I’m so thankful for being able to support and learn from everyone at Binti each day.

Brittany, Security Engineer

Our Core Values

Put the child first

In every decision we make, we prioritize what’s best for the child or youth over everything else.

Embrace the best idea

Our mission drives us rather than our individual egos. That means that if another person has a better idea, we embrace it rather than trying to push our idea. We also feel comfortable dissenting and sharing a new idea because we are confident our team mates feel the same way.

Break through walls

We have a huge vision at Binti. Each team member is treated as an owner and is both encouraged and expected to figure out ways to solve difficult problems with creativity, resourcefulness and a can-do attitude. We believe, where there is a will, there is a way.

Create love through empathy

We value empathy and seek every day to show empathy to each other at Binti, as well as to the children, families and social workers we work with through both our actions as well as the products we build. We value giving and receiving feedback to help us increase empathy toward each other. We strive to build a welcoming and inclusive workplace.

Empower with information

We strive to share data across the team so that others can make informed decisions as well as be motivated by the full context of the impact of their work. We also want to enable our customers to use data to make better decisions to improve outcomes for children.

Things we don’t look for:

  • Where you went to school
  • A specific age range for any position
  • Previous experience at a tech company (for non-technical roles)