Austin Lan (she/her)

Austin wants to live in a world where people can thrive as the best version of themselves, and is excited to be putting the best of herself into Binti’s mission.

Austin graduated from Yale with a dual degree in Computer Science and Art, with an emphasis in Graphic Design, leading her to become a Product Manager for complex products, including at high-performance tech companies like PayPal and NextInsurance and e-commerce businesses. She joined Binti in 2019 as an early employee and the first Product Manager. As an early employee, she’s owned many parts of Binti, including Binti’s first and flagship module, Licensing, which has grown to 38% market share in the US, branding and conference set design, and scoping 0 to 1 products. Austin took over as Head of Design in 2022, owning UX/UI product design as well as brand/marketing design.

When she isn’t building and hyping up Binti, you can find her drawing, moving her body, or completely rearranging all the furniture in her home. If that fails, she’s probably with her cat, Poptart.

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