Matthew Widney He/him

Matthew joins Binti with a background in Public Health, recognizing that determinants of health extend far past diet and exercise routines and dive deep into socio-economic status, quality of family life, childhood trauma, and so much more that we aim to address through improving foster care and adoption processes to match more children with invested families. His community outreach work in elementary schools of Hawaii, his service to families in south Florida during times of crisis, and the eye-opening interviews he conducted while with the Make-A-Wish Foundation bring a unique diversity of experience, compassion, and resilience to serve our customers. Binti’s mission combines Matthew’s desire to work on behalf of the well-being of children, his passion to find sustainable solutions to major national and global social issues, and his enjoyment in working in a problem-solving, technical capacity to ultimately help children find their way to loving families. He plans to pursue further education that will equip him to help push Binti’s mission further along.

Outside of work, he loves outdoor adventures. In his free time he will always be found with his wife and son discovering new fun things to do, searching for community service opportunities, or cruising on his unicycle.

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