Tools to Help You Support Children and Families During Covid-19

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Feature highlights

Online orientations

Binti has a feature that allows agencies to include an orientation video online for families. We can embed your video in Binti allowing families to watch it and then answer a quiz before moving forward.

Free Foster Parent Online Trainings Library

Binti has developed this free foster parent online training library, aggregated from other Child Welfare agencies in the country that have made their trainings available online and open for sharing. During the Covid-19 Lockdown, Binti created this in the hope that it would make it easier for agencies to quickly launch online trainings. Now, we hope it serves as inspiration for online-friendly trainings.

Remote audits from state partners

Binti can allow access to state partners who need view-only access to certain cases. Existing agencies have leveraged this in the past.

Fully online/mobile access for families, social workers and supervisors

As always, families and social workers can complete their paperwork online and on mobile phones remotely. Workers can complete case notes. Supervisors can review their team’s work and coordinate remotely with them for supervision reviewing the case file online. Administrators can see reports auto-generated based on the team’s work.

Batch emails to families

This feature will enable agencies to send batch emails directly from Binti to groups of families and can be used for sharing resources and important information regarding COVID-19 and more. It’s currently live and to use it, send the content to your account manager and they will send it out for you. In the near future, we’ll make it possible for you to send it out yourself.

Online initial and renewal trainings

Binti can help you embed video content into your application flow for both initial and renewal trainings. These can be your own videos or videos from other websites and platforms – just include the link!

Companion quizzes or homework for initial and renewal training

You can create online quizzess or written homework in your initial applications or in renewal applications. This functionality is great for ensuring the family has completed their training or getting the family to engage with the content. Quizzes can be scored and block the applicant from moving forward, and can reveal helpful content and resources to the family when they submit their answers.

Binti’s Online Leadership Forum

Binti convened its first ever Online Leadership Forum on tech and non-tech innovations during COVID-19. Thank you to our panelists and to all who attended. The webinar recording, forum Q&A, and additional resources can be found below.