WATCH: Child Welfare x Data – Improving Outcomes with Innovation

BintiPressley RidgeUpbring, and FFTA teamed up this past October for an informative and interactive webinar discussing how technology and data can be used to promote effective Child Welfare practice and policy. Each organization highlighted their respective innovative strategies, sharing with participants key ways that they too can harness data to drive positive change within their own organizations. This session was designed to facilitate knowledge-sharing and dialogue, and panelists covered how the effective use of technology and data can help agencies improve outcomes and make a meaningful impact on children and families. Over 120 child welfare leaders and practitioners attended!

Learn about:

  • Data Literacy
  • Data-Informed Decisions
  • Transformative Trends in Child Welfare

Dr. Amy Strickler, Director of Organizational Performance, Pressley Ridge –  As the Director of Organizational Performance, Dr. Strickler oversees the outcomes management and quality improvement process in the organization and pursues a strong research agenda to advance knowledge and best practices in the mental and behavioral health field. Her publications focus on evaluating treatment foster care pre-service trainings and measuring treatment parent satisfaction and retention. She is a FFTA board member and chair of FFTA’s Innovative Practices Collaborative.

Kyle Kerrigan, Director of Data & Analytics, Upbring –  Kyle Kerrigan utilizes his enthusiasm and skills to address society’s most pressing issues. He serves as Director of Data & Analytics at Upbring Innovation Labs, exploring audacious ideas that can break the cycle of abuse. A division of Upbring, a Texas-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving children and families, we scale innovation by creating earned revenue streams and sustainable impact at the intersection of social enterprise, new technology and data. Kyle is also an endurance athlete and coach, and can be often found on the Texas Hill Country trails when not at his desk.