Binti’s Free Foster Parent Online Trainings Library

Binti has developed this free foster parent online training library, aggregated from other Child Welfare agencies in the country that have made their trainings available online and open for sharing. During the Covid-19 Lockdown, Binti created this in the hope that it would make it easier for agencies to quickly launch online trainings. Now, we hope it serves as inspiration for online-friendly trainings.

If you are a Binti customer, reach out to your account manager and we can work with you to incorporate your online training into the Binti workflow. (e.g. We can embed the video with a quiz as a step in your online application!)

These trainings were provided by Child Welfare agencies who have offered to share them with other agencies. Binti did not develop the content and each agency should review before deciding whether the training is well suited for their agency.

Alliance for Child Welfare in WA State – Online training system and initial trainings

An online training system developed by the Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence, a partnership within Washington State. If you are interested in exploring whether this is a viable option for your state, please contact the Alliance directly. If you work with Binti, we can provide a link to the content and instructions for caregivers on how to access in their online application.

Washington DC’s Child and Family Services Agency Family Orientation Slide Deck

View in either PowerPoint or PDF. The powerpoint version makes it easy for you to make edits to your agency’s logo along with other customizations. If you work with Binti, we can embed this powerpoint in the online application flow for families and then can provide a quiz in order for them to move to the next step.

Los Angeles Resource Family Online Orientation Video

LA County developed an interactive online orientation video that allows caregivers to answer questions as they go throughout the video. If you work with Binti, we can embed this video as a step in the process for families and then have a password or quiz to move to the next step. Note that LA is in the process of revamping this online orientation video to adhere to the latest CA State Written Directives.