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Norean Lubchenko

Norean is a Manager at Binti, working with the Customer Success Team.  Prior to joining the Binti team, she worked in Child Welfare for many years, as a social worker, supervisor, and manager with a large public agency.  For several years, she managed foster care for her agency, and used Binti software to make [...]

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Suji Lakshminarayanan

Suji is a seasoned program / project manager, with deep SaaS (software as a service) and technology consulting experience. Before joining the Binti team, Suji worked at various software/technology startups and organizations, including Microsoft, Inc. and CDW Technologies.

She is passionate about technology and is always looking to leverage technology with the goal [...]

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Alex Kelly

Alex believes strongly in equality of opportunity and is excited to take on the role of Customer Success Manager. Alex previously worked as an Account Executive here at Binti, managing county and private agency partnerships. She is excited to transition roles and work alongside current partners to drive results and add value. Alex [...]

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Dorelia Miller

Dorelia has a passion for the well-being of children and their families because of her experience as a child immigrant and her lived experience of navigating a new life with her single mother in an unknown country.  She understood early in life the value of their community and the people who helped them along [...]

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Alex Arpag 

Alex is a Customer Success Manager that brings his passion for child welfare and professional CS career together at Binti! He is based outside of Atlanta GA and has spent the past 7 years working with clients in the nonprofit and tech worlds. His passion for foster care and child welfare started almost 3 years [...]

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