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Cam Caldwell

Cam is the Vice President of Customer Success and joined Binti after being inspired by the mission of the company. He has 25 years of experience in information technology, account management, customer success, consulting, professional services, project management, sales, and business development.

Cam’s career has focused on Customer Success for the past 10 years. [...]

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Hannah Pritchett

Hannah leads the Talent team, where she helps connect great people with Binti’s important and impactful mission. Prior to Binti, she led teams in recruiting, operations, trust & safety, and risk management at Stripe and Facebook. She holds a BA and an MA in linguistics and loves learning new things, public speaking, telling stories with [...]

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Veronica Davis

Veronica is the head of Binti’s Project Management office. For over 15 years she has worked in the fields of early child education and child welfare, with a focus on raising the voices of both youth and families. Before joining the Binti team, Veronica worked for the state of Rhode Island’s child welfare agency, overseeing [...]

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Adam Arellano

Adam is the Chief Information Security Officer at Binti and cares deeply about the mission of the company. After serving as a Marine for 14 years, where he learned to fix airplanes, build radio networks, secure computer systems, and be a social worker, he transitioned to the civilian sector to better support his wife’s Marine [...]

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Austin Lan

Austin wants to live in a world where innovation solves real human problems: problems like clean water availability, improvement of psychosocial services, and access to a safe and loving home.

A graduate of Yale in Computer Science and Graphic Design, Austin has worked for 6 years as a Product Manager in various industries, most recently leading [...]

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