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How do women feel after placing their baby for adoption
October 15, 2015

How do women feel after placing their baby for adoption?

“We love our children. They are not unwanted, they were just unplanned. There are so many birthmothers in hiding that people don’t realize they might know someone who is a birthmom who is not comfortable telling them about it. We are just people, we made a choice. Some birthmothers want to share our
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How we decided to adopt
September 28, 2015

How we decided to adopt

“Families are built on unconditional love. And it is my hope that there is a birth mother out there who would be willing to share the opportunity of raising a child with me. I would feel selfish spending all of our resources for years on end just so I could have a child
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God and Jetfire
July 24, 2015

God and Jetfire: Exploring the Journey of Open Adoption

“As someone who works in the adoption world, I have shared in the joys of new families created through adoption, as well as experienced the joy adoption can bring in my own family. I also realize that what is often overlooked is the inherent loss in every domestic adoption: that for every happy
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November 19, 2014

Parenthoods: a new support network for parents

We often encourage our parents to join adoption support groups. The adoption community is fairly tight-knit, and it can be incredibly helpful to draw on other parents’ experiences as you and your new child figure out your new life together. Parents who have adopted may be interested in a new parenting app called Parenthoods,
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Binti Adoption Paperwork
November 10, 2014

Making Paperwork Easy

At Binti, we’re committed to making adoption paperwork easier for adoptive parents. Typically adoptive parents have 50-200 pieces of paperwork to fill out over the course of their adoption, which would normally mean printing out the forms, signing them, and then mailing or faxing them back. With Binti, parents are able to fill out
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