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December 3, 2015

Beating Birth Mom Stigmas

“Birth parents are such a misunderstood and underrepresented part of adoption, so even if I don’t want to speak out, someone has too.” — Kelsey, on speaking up against birth mom stigmas Read more about what Kelsey has to say about birth mom stigmas.
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November 26, 2015

How this couple decided that adoption was right for them

“We’d always wanted a larger family, and we tried other fertility options, but those didn’t work. That was an emotional roller coaster with its ups and downs, but we came to terms with the reality that it wasn’t going to work for us. After a pause for a while to sort of regroup,
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November 24, 2015

She Was Placed for Adoption as a Baby. Years Later, She Was Faced With the Same Choice Herself

“Adoption is love. Adoption is sacrifice. Adoption is family.” — Jori, on her relationship with adoption as an adoptee and birth mother Read more about Jori’s story
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November 10, 2015

8 Things Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman Placing a Child for Adoption

#7 “Wow…that must have been extremely difficult. I don’t think that I could have given up my child.” Adoption is not for everyone. Also, it’s impossible to know what we would each do when faced with a difficult situation we’ve never been in before. Finally, try to avoid saying “give up” and instead
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October 28, 2015

What one woman wishes she’d known before placing child for adoption

“Even though I was not prepared for the grief, I would do it all over again because it was the best decision for my son. My love for him made breaking my own heart possible.” — Brina, on the difficult decision of placing her child for adoption Read more about Brina’s story and
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