Erik Cox He/him

Erik started his journey at a small after-school program in his hometown. Working with children and watching them grow and learn was some of the most rewarding work he had ever done, but his desire for growth and development led him to the highly growth-charged field of technology. After 8 years in financial-technology he found himself burnt out on the grind that is the natural consequence of highly scrutinized work. Every time he found himself exhausted at the end of the day wondering if there existed such a role where he could be challenged and feel that his work helped people. He is happy to tell you that he has found that role. He intends to bring his years of experience with quality control to help the team at Binti continue to refine and improve their already amazing product. In his personal time he enjoys spending time with his partner and dogs or playing some Dungeons and Dragons with his friends. He’s glad to be part of the team and looks forward to a fruitful career at Binti.

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